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Neighbourhood Priorities

Shoplifting - Farnworth Town Centre

Issue Date Sunday 14th January 2024

Your local Neighbourhood Team are working with the business sector to reduce shoplifting offences in the town centre. We will take positive action with reports made and identify those responsible

Action Date Sunday 14th January 2024

Speeding and other traffic related offences

Issue Date Friday 1st December 2023

Your local officers will be conducting speed enforcement in the area and dealing with motorists who exceed the limit. They will also be seizing uninsured vehicles and arresting anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Action Date Sunday 1st December 2024

Anti-Social Behaviour

Issue Date Wednesday 29th November 2023

Your local neighbourhood team are working hard to ensure local issues are made a priority.  The team will conduct hi visibility patrolling around known ASB hotspot locations which will include Brackley Street, Farnworth Bus interchange and Farnworth Park.

Action Date Wednesday 13th December 2023

Neighbourhood Map

Markers show crime recording locations. Click/tap on a marker to see crimes allocated to that location.