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Charlton Kings

A local policing neighbourhood in Gloucestershire Constabulary

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Neighbourhood Priorities

ASB and Drug dealing in the area. - Intell gathering work has been completed and work behind the scenes continues. The main focus now is the summer months and kids out of school causing ASB. High Visibility patrols to continue in hotspot areas highlighted by the community.

Issue Date Thursday 6th June 2024

Working to reduce Anti-Social Behaviour in and around the Beeches playing fields.

Issue Date Monday 26th September 2022

The Team have been working with the Community and this has dramatically reduced not just in Beeches playing fields but in C/Kings. There are still pockets of ASB especially in the School Holidays, however the new Community meeting helps to target these pockets of ASB and nip them in the bud. Work is ongoing still with the community and Police working together. Work ongoing

Action Date Friday 1st September 2023

Neighbourhood Map

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