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Plymouth City Centre

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Neighbourhood Priorities

Retail Crime

Retail crime has a huge impact on businesses within our City Centre and on the Barbican. We are working with the CPS, PARC, Drake Circus and Community Connections to robustly deal with shoplifting offenders and deter them from committing further offences in the future.

Issue Date Saturday 1st June 2024


The city centre & waterfront team understand the impact that drug related offending has on the community, especially those that are vulnerable. This includes exploitation of young people through county lines, drug related ASB and public health issues for drug users.

We want to identify those who are causing harm to our communities through drug offences. We can employ a number of tactics to do this and need information from the public to direct these tactics effectively.

If you suspect that drugs are being used or dealt from an address please contact our team at [email protected]


Issue Date Wednesday 1st May 2024

Anti-social behaviour in Plymouth City Centre

Anti-social Behaviour - We are aware following engagement events with partners and businesses in the city centre that ASB is a priority. The 3 main areas highlighted to the Policing team were around shoplifting related ASB; empty buildings or isolated places and alcohol related ASB. 

We will work with our partners from Community Connections and PARC to identify those involved and deal with them robustly. We ask for your support in reporting these incidents to the Police through the Disc App, the Devon & Cornwall Police website Report antisocial behaviour | Devon & Cornwall Police ( or 101.

Issue Date Wednesday 1st May 2024

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