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Issue Date Monday 17th June 2024

Update: 20 June 2024 - Summer Newsletter

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Action Date Thursday 20th June 2024

Youth ASB - North Prospect

During the first part of the year 2024 youths have been causing antisocial behaviour (ASB) towards local residents, criminal damage to properties owned by Plymouth Community Homes (PCH) and abusive towards residents (public order).

Issue Date Tuesday 7th May 2024

Update: 07 May 2024 - Door knocks to local residents

Due to reports of ASB in North Prospect the local policing team have conducted multiple door knocks, giving time to those who would like to share some information.

Gaining CCTV, in areas where offences have taken place to gain the identity of those committing criminal offences.

Working with other agencies such as Plymouth Community Homes(PCH)and (Plymouth City Council Anti social behaviour) PCC ASB team, to conduct joint visits to families and issuing ASB1 letters, which stay with the individual for 3 months.

Action Date Tuesday 7th May 2024

Road Safety

The local policing team received a large response to a speed watch the PCSO's conducted and posted on Facebook. Thus creating a need for an initiative of Road Safety.

There are five main causes of serious injuries and deaths on the region’s roads – known as the ‘fatal five’:

  • Excess or inappropriate speed
  • Not wearing a seatbelt
  • Driving using your mobile phone
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Careless or inconsiderate driving

Please look out for our  "Devonport and west Plymouth Police" Facebook page for other updates

Issue Date Tuesday 7th May 2024

Update: 20 June 2024 - Further Speed gun monitoring

Further speed gun monitoring has taken place within Fleet street, Victoria Road and Ford Park Road and Central Park Avenue.

Thank you to those who have give us the thumbs up.

Please look out for our  "Devonport and west Plymouth Police" Facebook page for other updates

Update: 07 May 2024 - Traffic Day of Action Speed Watch

01/05/24 - Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) conducted community speed watch checks and were pleased to report the vast majority of drivers were within the speed limit, driving at an appropriate speed for the conditions. Several drivers were given warnings regarding their speed which exceeded the roads’ limits.

Road monitored were; Saltash Road, Molesworth Road, Beacon Park Road, Honicknowle Road, Kings Road ad Pemros Road.


Update: 07 May 2024 - Traffic Day of Action

1/05/24 - During the road safety operation, fourteen drivers were pulled over for motoring offences including driving whilst on their mobile phone, driving without insurance and MOT, and driving without a seatbelt. All drivers have been reported and suitable penalties will be issued, including speed awareness courses, points on licenses and fines. Two unmarked police cars were also deployed for the operation and arrested two people for suspected drug driving. Both individuals are currently under investigation.

The DVSA inspected multiple vehicles and dealt with a number of issues including insecure loads, trucks that were overloaded with contents and tyres that were unsafe. In total, the DVSA team temporarily prohibited 23 vehicles from re-joining the carriageway until the dangerous defects were resolved.

Update: 07 May 2024 - Speed Watch

On the 2nd April and numerous times after, PCSO's have conducted a high visual Speed watches on the following streets;

Molesworth Road, St Levans Road, St Pancras Avenue, North Prospect Road, Ferndale Road, Wolseley Road and  Fleetmoor Road.

This is to monitor the speed of the drivers. All drivers were driving responsibly.


Action Date Thursday 20th June 2024

Neighbourhood Events

D and C Alert sign ups
Wednesday 24th July 2024
from 10:00AM to 10:02AM
plymouth life centre, 40 mayflower drive, plymouth, Devon, pl2 3dg

PCSO's shall be ay the Plymouth Life Centre to tal to you about Devon and Cornwall Alert. A fantastic messaging service, which informs you about what's going on in your area

D and C Alert sign ups
Wednesday 24th July 2024
from 2:00PM to 2:01PM
meadow cafe, 40 mayflower drive, plymouth, Devon, pl23dg

Meet your local PCSO at the Meadow café, to discuss issues you may have

coffee with Cops
Monday 9th September 2024
from 10:00AM to 10:01AM
jan cutting, beacon park road, beacon park, plymouth, pl22pq

Meet your local PCSO at the Jan Cutting to discuss any issues you may have

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