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Kingsbridge Rural East

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Neighbourhood Priorities

Safeguarding Vulnerable within our Community

One of our key roles is identifying those who are vulnerable within our community, and taking appropriate action to offer immediate support and further signposting to appropriate partner agencies for longer term issues.  Our focus remains on identifying and supporting those in need, in conjunction with partners to ensure that no one in our communities is isolated, in distress, or taken advantage of. 

Issue Date Sunday 19th May 2024

Drink Driving

With the extra people and tourism the summer weather brings, we will continue to target those who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  We will be carrying out routine stop checks and breath tests to ensure drivers who take risks and drive while over the prescribed limit(s) are brought to justice.  We would encourage you to make use of the "Lift Legend" campaign in local pubs and to report anyone who is or is likely to drive whilst over the limit on 999. 

Issue Date Sunday 19th May 2024


With the improving weather in the South Hams for the summer, it is possible that more homeless people will move towards the coastal region. We would ask people to report any homeless persons to us and the local council so that we can assess their needs and provide any support necessary. 

Issue Date Sunday 19th May 2024

Problem Solving within our Community

One of the team's key most demanding roles is working with our communities to deliver solutions to local issues.  These range from Anti Social Behaviour to Neighbour disputes.  We have a wide ranging network of partners within the area who we work with as appropriate to help resolve matters affecting our communities.

Issue Date Friday 16th February 2024

Violence Against Woman and Girls

We aim to provide a consistent and positive response to all reports of domestic abuse, sexual violence and child exploitation.  We regularly engage with internal and external partners to provide a co-ordinated approach to target those persistent perpetrators of violence, harassment and exploitation of women and girls, pursuing a justice outcome whilst providing support and safeguarding to victims who have a right to live without fear of being targeted.  We would actively encourage the reporting of any offence involving women, girls or indeed any vulnerable or young person.      

Issue Date Friday 16th February 2024

Positive action to detect and disrupt supply of controlled drugs

Kingsbridge Neighbourhood Team are constantly seeking and reviewing intelligence around supply of drugs within the area.  All information is reviewed by the team and appropriate action taken.  We are currently developing intelligence to identify and disrupt those involved in drug dealing within out communities

Issue Date Friday 16th February 2024

Update: 19 May 2024 - Continued Priority

Over the summer months, there is an expected increase in people residing in the South Hams. The supply and use of controlled drugs will continue to be investigated: we will continue to evaluate intelligence on this matter and take positive action with those who supply drugs to our communities, and the associated anti-social behaviour that drug usage can bring. 

Action Date Sunday 19th May 2024


In the lead up to Christmas we may see an increased in retail crime including shoplifting.  We intend to focus on engagement with local businesses to warn of any active criminals in the area and encourage reporting of theft offences to Police   

Issue Date Saturday 16th December 2023

Operation Frant

Ongoing community tension and public protest regarding Dartmoor land access and wild camping.

Following the large scale protest on 21 January, police continue to work with land owners, protest groups and the Dartmoor National Park to promote public safety.

Issue Date Wednesday 1st March 2023

Update: 01 March 2023 - Our activity:

  • High Visibility patrol for community reassurance
  • Supporting and listening to local concerns
  • Providing a police response to protests and the community
  • Managing the public safety during this sensitive time


Action Date Wednesday 1st March 2023

Neighbourhood Events

Salcombe Town Council Meeting
Wednesday 24th July 2024
from 6:30PM to 7:30PM
Salcombe Town Council, Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe, Devon, TQ8 8JQ

Upcoming events - Salcombe Town Council will be holding their regular meetings each month in the Cliffe House Library  

Kingsbridge District Council Meeting
Tuesday 13th August 2024
from 6:30PM to 8:00PM
Kingsbridge Town Council, Quay House, Ilbert Road, Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7 1DZ

Kingsbridge District Council Meeting held monthly in Quay House at 1900hrs

Neighbourhood Map

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