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Neighbourhood Priorities

Violence against Women and Girls

Tackling Violence against Women and Girls is a priority. The harm caused to victims and society by violence against women and girls in all its forms- including but not limited to harassment, stalking, rape, sexual assault, murder, honour-based abuse, coercive control - is immeasurable. 

Issue Date Tuesday 12th March 2024

Update: 04 July 2024 - June Update

During June a male was arrested in relation to up-skirting offences. He has been remanded to prison by the courts. Over the Summer we have additional evening patrols in our hotspot areas to ensure the safety of everyone. These areas are spaces such as the beach, parks and town centres. Please report any suspicious activity. 

Update: 03 June 2024 - Licensing Operation

The neighbourhood team, professional development unit, Special Constables along with the Police Licensing Officer conducting a pro-active passive dog operation at pubs in both Camborne and Redruth. Numerous persons were searched as a result and some drugs seized. This is part of our ongoing efforts to make the night time economy a safe place for the community to enjoy. We also had specialist officers from our prevent and detect teams who are trained to detect those carrying out predatory behaviour. 

Update: 29 April 2024 - Evening and Night Time Economy

We continue to patrol the evening and night time economy in order to prevent violence against women and girls. We work closely with our licensing officer to ensure pubs are adhering to their licensing conditions. 

Update: 12 March 2024 - Working with partners

We work closely with partners in relation to VAWG including Safer Cornwall who deliver Bystander training to pubs and other businesses in the community to spot the signs and report. 

Action Date Thursday 4th July 2024

Dangerous Drugs Networks

A significant amount of crime and ASB is linked to drugs. We are committed to tackling and disrupting drug related ASB, County Lines, Organised Crime Groups and Criminal Exploitation. 

Issue Date Tuesday 12th March 2024

Update: 04 July 2024 - June Update

We have been busy during June with planned drugs warrants. 3 warrants have been executed this month and a quantity of class A and B drugs, cash, knives, machetes, and suspected stolen property has been seized. This goes a long way to disrupting the drugs networks operating in our community and the investigations are ongoing. 

A huge thanks to the community for the support in giving us information that enables this activity to take place. Please continue to support us and report crimes, incidents and intelligence. 

Update: 04 July 2024 - June Update

During the month of June we have continued to focus our efforts around prolific offenders and shoplifting. We have been gathering evidence from shops to assist in applying for community protection notices and criminal behaviour orders. This is a longer term tool to assist in restricting the behaviour of persistent offenders and not only limit activities that allow them to commit crime on a daily basis but to assist them in getting support and not continuing to offend. This is done in partnership with our ASB caseworker Kay Smith who is now in place and focused on assisting to improve our community. We will continue to target efforts in this area and have future operations planned.  


Update: 03 June 2024 - Dangerous Drugs Networks update - May

There have been reports of unlicensed and potentially harmful VAPES being sold to school pupils. We have been working together with schools to warn pupils and Parents of the potential dangers and have removed a number of VAPES from circulation.

If you come across any person who has had an adverse effect following use of a VAPE, please call 999 and request the Ambulance service and describe the circumstances to the call handler.

There is also joint work ongoing with Trading Standards to tackle sales and distribution of illegal VAPES with unannounced visits scheduled for various local businesses over the summer period.

Drugs warrants have been executed at various addresses resulting in the arrest of multiple suspects and seizure of drugs. The investigations are ongoing with plans for new warrants to be sought and executed to continue the disruption to the criminal drugs network.

Update: 29 April 2024 - Pro-active Drugs Operations - April

On Monday 22nd April officers from the Camborne and Redruth Neighbourhood teams, the Professional Development Unit and the Force Support Group acted on information and intelligence around illegal activity and two warrants were executed in Camborne town under the Misuse of Drugs Act. Suspected Class A and Class B drugs were seized and six people were arrested. The have all been released under investigation while enquiries continue. 

Officers have been on foot patrol and several stop searches have been conducted and drugs seized. We will continue to patrol and tackle drug supply within the community. 

Officers from Bodmin and Camborne and Redruth Neighbourhood teams joined forces and conducted high visibility and overt patrols within Camborne and Redruth. 

Update: 12 March 2024 - Pro-active Drugs Operations

During February and March 2024 your local policing team has conducted numerous policing operations both with plain clothed and high visibility officers. This has involved officers from across the Force and has led to arrests for Possession of Class A and B Drugs with intent to supply, possession of offensive weapons and persons wanted and outstanding. 

Action Date Thursday 4th July 2024

Prolific Shoplifting

Shoplifting is an ever increasing occurrence which results in local businesses losing valuable revenue.
This has increased both locally and nationally with the cost of living crisis.

Issue Date Tuesday 12th March 2024

Update: 09 July 2024 - June Update

During June we have been focusing on hotpot patrols and liaising with businesses wherever possible to prevent and detect shoplifting. We have seen a decrease in figures with the recent arrests of several prolific offenders and we will continue to focus our efforts in this area. 

Update: 03 June 2024 - May Update

During April and May 2024, the local Neighbourhood Team and Neighbourhood Support Team arrested five prolific offenders with multiple offences. All offenders have appeared at Magistrates Court and between them were sentenced to 158 weeks imprisonment.

Please continue to send us information regarding offenders and we will continue to seek to prosecute.

Update: 29 April 2024 - April Update

We have been working hard to deal with prolific offenders who commit shoplifting offences. This month policing operations have focused on three of the most prolific offenders. One is remanded in custody, one has been released on court bail and one on police bail while enquiries continue. We will continue to focus our efforts in this area and bring offenders to justice whilst working with partner agencies around prevention. 

Update: 12 March 2024 - Prolific Shoplifting

We will be providing additional training to businesses to help us gather evidence to enable successful prosecutions against repeat offenders during March 2024. We will also be offering crime prevention advice as well as pursuing persistent offenders. 

Action Date Tuesday 9th July 2024

Town Centre Anti Social Behaviour Camborne and Redruth

We continue to patrol the town centres of Camborne and Redruth during the days and evenings.

This is in order to provide reassurance, visibility and will act as a deterrence. Particular focus will be on Anti social behaviour and aggressive begging.

If you see anything, please report via 101 or use the Devon and Cornwall Police Website. You can also use the Webchat. In an emergency, please always call 999.

Issue Date Saturday 2nd September 2023

Update: 04 July 2024 - June update

We continue to focus on our town Centres. During June several persons have been arrested near to Camborne Town Centre for offences such as being drunk and disorderly and public order. They have all been charged to court and are awaiting sentencing. We know there are lots of issues within the town that go unreported so we would encourage you to report wherever you can as it allows us to build a true picture of where the issues are in relation to ASB and target our resources. It also allows for partnership work around the ASB escalation process and support to be put in place. 

Update: 03 June 2024 - May Update

The local Neighbourhood team together with a new Tri-service support officer continue their patrols around the Town centres and Heartlands. We will shortly be joined by a new dedicated Anti Social Behaviour worker from Cornwall Councils ASB team who you will increasingly see out and about. Together with the help of the local businesses and members of the Public providing us with evidence, we shall continue to pursue offenders through the ASB and community protection notice processes to address this behaviour.

Local Police have also been supported by the Police dog section and Licensing department to attend Further work is planned during the summer to visit more premises to ensure compliance.

Working together with the Council ASB team, we have also been successful in gaining an extension to the House Closure Order for  a property in Adelaide Street in Camborne issued by Truro Magistrates Court which will run until 1 August 2024.

Update: 29 April 2024 - April Update

Patrols have continued, particularly in the Camborne Town area where we have received reports of Anti-social behaviour and we continue to deal with offenders robustly. A new Anti-social behaviour officer is now in post for Camborne and Redruth and we will be working closely with them to ensure that we tackle anti-social behaviour and deal with the causes.

Update: 12 March 2024 - Anti-social Behaviour Team

We work closely with the Anti-Social Behaviour team and during the month of February 2024, numerous Community Protection Warnings were issued to those continually drinking alcohol whilst causing ASB in the town centre of Camborne to stop and deter the behaviour. We also work closely with partner agencies to ensure people are getting the support they need. Please continue to report issues so we can make sure officers are in the right place at the right time. 

Action Date Thursday 4th July 2024

Neighbourhood Events

Redruth International Mining and Pasty Festival 2024
Friday 20th September 2024
from 10:00AM to 3:00PM

Redruth International Mining and Pasty Festival 2024 -- 20th and 21st September 2024 

For more information about the event 


International Mining and Pasty Festival - Discover Redruth 

Remembrance Service 2024
Monday 11th November 2024
from 11:00AM to 1:00PM

Officers will attend services all over Camborne Pool and Redruth to Show respect and to lay Wreath when able

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