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New Mills and Hayfield

A local policing neighbourhood in Derbyshire Constabulary

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This Safer Neighbourhood area covers New Mills and Hayfield. It belongs to the High Peak Local Policing Unit. This neighbourhood encompasses the hamlet of Rowarth, together with Little Hayfield and Birchvale. It is a large residential area located on the border with Cheshire, two miles from Glossop and approximately eight miles from the centre of Stockport.

Contact Details
Neighbourhood Priorities

1. Nuisance Electric Bikes
2. Drug dealing/Drug taking
3.Speeding traffic and dangerous parking

Issue Date Tuesday 2nd July 2024

Continued High visible foot patrol around the Hot spot areas, Market street, ollerset playing fields and school fields up quarry road continue gathering and submitting intel trying to expand Hayfield CSW and visible presence around schools.

Action Date

Neighbourhood Map

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