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Hadfield and Tintwistle

A local policing neighbourhood in Derbyshire Constabulary

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This Safer Neighbourhood area covers Hadfield and Tintwistle, and the rural area north of Glossop. It belongs to the High Peak Local Policing Unit.

Hadfield is a mainly residential neighbourhood located within the High Peak Borough Council area, approximately three miles from Glossop Town Centre and 15 miles from Manchester City Centre. Station Road is considered the centre of Hadfield. Only about a mile away from Station Road is the village of Tintwistle which is much smaller than Hadfield.

Our Safer Neighbourhood office at 1-3 Mersey Bank Road, Hadfield, is open for residents to drop in when any members of the team are on duty.

Contact Details
Neighbourhood Priorities

1. ASB
2. Burglary
3. Shop lifting

Issue Date Wednesday 3rd July 2024

1. ASB, we have had reports regarding youths causing ASB in the area. We have had reports of Electric Scooters, Off Road Bikes being driven around erratically. We are working with other agencies and the local schools to identify these youths, to offer advice and enforce if required. Please if this is happening in your area, please report this to us on 101.
2. Burglaries and Attempted Burglaries Please report anything suspicious in your area. Please keep doors and windows closed when you’re not at home. Keep cars locked. If you need any advice, please contact the team on details given. We have had more patrols out at specific times to try and reduce the crimes and identity offenders.
3. Shoplifting and general ASB We are still getting reports about general ASB in your area and shop lifting, which we are dealing with. Please let us know if there is any concerns in your area regarding any other issues.

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Neighbourhood Map

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