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A local policing neighbourhood in Derbyshire Constabulary

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This Safer Neighbourhood area covers Fairfield. It belongs to the High Peak Local Policing Unit.
The Fairfield neighbourhood is situated on the outskirts of Buxton town centre, 20 miles north of Matlock and 12 miles south of Glossop. The Residents of Fairfield Association is particularly active and provides support to many local residents.

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Neighbourhood Priorities

1 - Acquisitive crime
2 - Drug use & supply
3 - Youth anti-social behaviour

Issue Date Tuesday 2nd July 2024

1. Acquisitive crime Shoplifting & burglary from local stores on Fairfield by known nominals. Linked to drug use/supply.
2 - Drug use & supply – Properties and persons in Fairfield linked to anti-social behaviour, drug use and supply in Fairfield and on Fairfield Road. Issues that not only affect the immediate areas but the ripple effects of the behaviour being felt in the town centre.
3 - Youth anti-social behaviour Groups of young persons congregating around St Nics hall, Victoria park road, Fairfield. Causing issues in this location for the community and for those using the hall to access groups we will work with partners and engage with these children to reduce the calls.

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