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Salthouse, Newbarns and Roose

A local policing neighbourhood in Cumbria Constabulary

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Neighbourhood Priorities

Road Safety

Issue Date Thursday 14th December 2023

• Vehicle Stop Checkpoints, Longway, Roose Road, Risedale Road
• Drivers reported for vehicle offences
• Police Desk 25/01/204

Action Date Sunday 21st January 2024

The residents of Salthouse, Roose and Newbarns have highlighted road safety as the priority they would like the Police to address. This largely centres around speeding motorists and road safety around schools.

Issue Date Thursday 23rd February 2023

A hotspot location has been identified around the Roose Road/Rampside Road roundabout junction, where traffic approaches at speed from Rampside Road and then head down the heavily residential Roose Road, only seeming to slow once they reach the static speed cameras at Salthouse Road.
To tackle these issues, the Neighbourhood Police Team will arrange public meetings to discuss further and gain more understanding of the offences and locations. We will then be visible on the roadside to stop and advise drivers of their responsibilities, and where necessary prosecute those found to be breaking the law, while we will be present in local schools to emphasise and teach road safety to the children.
The next quarterly Police, Partners and Communities Together (PACT) survey will be a measure of our success in reducing road safety as a priority for Salthouse, Roose and Newbarns.

Action Date Thursday 23rd February 2023

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