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Penrith Town

A local policing neighbourhood in Cumbria Constabulary

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Neighbourhood Priorities

Reports from local residents of drug activity and drug dealing in the town.

Issue Date Thursday 1st February 2024

Actively targeting our known offenders, vehicles and addresses within Penrith town. This is done by conducting high vis foot patrol, plain clothes, gathering information via Streetsafes and submitting intelligence. Our main is always to get warrants granted from the courts and Eden NPT will execute these. We always ensure we are listening to the public and residents and will follow up any issues. If appropriate we are carrying out stop searches on nominals and seizing vehicles.

Action Date Wednesday 14th February 2024

Reports of vehicles being driven antisocially through the town and in local car parks.

Issue Date Thursday 1st February 2024

Eden NPT responded to a recent report of anti-social behaviour. The driver of this vehicle was issues with a section 59 warning and interviewed and reported for without due care and attention after being seen doing donuts. We continue to carry out high visibility patrol in hotspot areas and will take appropriate action and engage. We are also working with Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service who are the lead organisation to deliver educational inputs to young drivers; this has been done on a nighttime in hot spot areas or via school educational inputs. Some businesses within Penrith who have car parks have installed warning signs regarding anti-social behaviour to highlight what is not acceptable.

Action Date Wednesday 14th February 2024

ASB - Penrith McDonalds

Issue Date Friday 23rd June 2023

Significant work has gone into this location in order to reduce calls for service and incidents of youth ASB. Officers and PCSO’s have worked closely with the owners and will continue to do so.

Action Date Friday 23rd June 2023

Carleton new development - ongoing concerns over parking and speeding. Recent intel also about sporadic drug activity on sections of estate

Issue Date Tuesday 9th May 2023

Carried out street safe surveys and letter dropped drivers who have been perceived to be speeding and we have liaised with the local councillor. We have regular patrols in the area and have the speed indication device deployed in the area for a month recording over 7000 vehicles the average speed was 17.5mph. Eden police will continue to carry out patrols in this location.

Action Date Friday 23rd June 2023

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