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Brampton and East Rural

A local policing neighbourhood in Cumbria Constabulary

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Neighbourhood Priorities

Complaints around speeding and manner of driving in a number of rural villages.

Information from members of the public.

Issue Date Wednesday 15th May 2024

Officers are completing regular high-visibility patrols at key times and completing speed checks using calibrated equipment. Those found to be exceeding the speed limit may receive a fine and penalty points. We are also working closely with the safety camera team to ensure they are deployed appropriately.

Action Date Wednesday 15th May 2024

Road Safety is a concern and specifically wanted us to address speeding along the A6071 and the surrounding towns

Issue Date Monday 27th February 2023

Increased patrols in identified areas and use of speed measuring equipment to target speeding motorists.
Deployment of safety camera vans to identified locations.
Working with local partners to address road safety issues.
Referred the issues raised to our casualty reduction officer for a long term problem solving approach.

Action Date Monday 27th February 2023

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