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Williton and Watchet

A local policing neighbourhood in Avon and Somerset Constabulary

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Neighbourhood Policing Team for Williton and Watchet.

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One of the most frequent complaints we get from members of the Public, is the speed of vehicles in our towns & villages.

If this affects you, perhaps you would like to consider giving up some time as a Community Speedwatch Volunteer? You can dedicate as much or as little time to this as you wish. You could be part of a team monitoring the speed of vehicles in any given area. You will receive all the necessary equipment & training, with support from Police. If you would like to find out more, visit the Avon & Somerset Police Website, & look for 'Community Speedwatch'- or contact one of the Beat team here at Williton Police Station.

Issue Date Sunday 25th June 2023

There have been many reports of non dwelling thefts which are happening in the rural communities. Farms and outbuildings have had an increase in fuel and machinery theft. Consider motion activated, or wildlife cameras, & ensure tanks are fitted with robust locks.

Tools such as strimmers/chainsaws etc  can be securely marked with postcodes, & please record serial numbers/makes/models. This makes it easier to re-unite seized tools to their rightful owners.

If you notice any suspicious activity late at night to report this immediately.

Regularly check bolts & locks, remember to cut back any foliage that may obscure security cameras, & consider fitting shed alarms. These are relatively inexpensive, & are readily available from most good DIY stores, or on- line. The noise emitted from these alarms is effective in  disturbing & disturbing offenders, & may prevent you from becoming a victim of crime. 

Issue Date Thursday 8th June 2023

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