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Weston Central

A local policing neighbourhood in Avon and Somerset Constabulary

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Neighbourhood Policing Team for Weston Central.

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Neighbourhood Priorities

Reports of youths drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis.

Reports of motorbikes being ridden on footpaths.

Officers will continue with high visibility foot patrol in the park

Issue Date Thursday 15th June 2023

The beat team will be adding extra patrols in the area of McDonalds Weston Lynx following calls of anti social behaviour by youths in the area

Issue Date Saturday 10th June 2023

The beat team will be adding extra patrols in the area of Plumly Park following reports of Anti Social behaviour from the Street Safe App

Issue Date Saturday 10th June 2023

We have had reports of anti social behaviour in and around Haywood Village.

We are working to identify these youths and take appropriate actions .

We will be patrolling in the park areas of Haywood Village.


Issue Date Tuesday 11th April 2023

The beat team will be doing traffic speed monitoring around the Runway in Haywood Village following complaints from local residents

Issue Date Friday 3rd March 2023

We will be patrolling in the park areas of Haywood Village in order to tackle the recent rise in ASB and Graffiti in those areas 

Issue Date Tuesday 12th July 2022

We have a new location confirmed for Neighbourhood Meetings.

Starting from March you will be able to come and meet and discuss any issues with the local Neighbourhood police team at Hutton Moor leisure centre, dates to be confirmed.

This is in addition to the current location of Starbucks.

We look forward to meeting you.

Issue Date Thursday 3rd February 2022

Hot-spot patrols have been identified around our neighbourhood policing areas.

Regular visible patrols have been planned to take place from our team.


Issue Date Monday 29th November 2021

We are offering a Free Tool marking service to all trades people and persons with high value tools.

This is through SelectaDNA and supported by CrimeStoppers

If you would like to have this done please make contact via the online form

Issue Date Wednesday 10th November 2021

Neighbourhood Map

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