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Stoke Bishop

A local policing neighbourhood in Avon and Somerset Constabulary

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Neighbourhood Policing Team for Stoke Bishop.

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Neighbourhood Priorities

We have been receiving multiple reports of criminal damage being caused to vehicles in Sea Mills and Stoke Bishop. We would ask that any incidents are reported on 101 and if any residents have CCTV footage of suspects, please also contact us to report this. If you see or suspect a crime in progress such as this, please call 999 immediately.

Issue Date Monday 22nd May 2023

Your local neighbourhood policing team are still actively patrolling Sea Mills, including the ASB hot spots.  We are actively engaging with youths in the area in a positive manner and dealing with anti social behaviour when we get calls.

Action Date Thursday 26th May 2022

We have been made aware of a group of activists who call themselves The Tyre Extinguishers.  This group target SUV & 4X4 type vehicles and will deflate the tyres on these, causing a nuisance to the owner to reflate the tyre.

At present they are mainly operating in the Clifton, Redland, Cotham and Stoke Bishop area as these are affluent areas.

Advice from the police at the moment is to report any incidents to us, even if no crime has been committed, it is good for us to log the incidents so we can see patterns in behaviour.

You can purchase Anti-Theft dust caps which will ensure this group cannot deflate your tyre in the future.

If you have a driveway, park your vehicle there instead of on the road.


Issue Date Thursday 27th April 2023

These activists have started to widen their area and it would appear they are now operating in the Sea Mills area.
If you believe you have been targeted then please call 101.

Action Date Monday 3rd October 2022

As the summer nights approach we usually see an decrease in burglaries in the area.  Although it is not always possible to prevent burglaries, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure you reduce the chances of becoming a victim.

  • Lock your doors and windows before going out.
  • Invest in a light timer and use it when you are out.
  • Report any suspicious activity in the area to the police.
  • Invest in a burglary alarm and CCTV camera's for added security.
  • Flood lights are good to deter potential burglars.
  • Keep keys locked away somewhere secure at night.

more information can be found on our website 

Issue Date Thursday 27th April 2023

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