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Neighbourhood Priorities

To engage with those Street Drinking and Begging along East and North Street.  To liaise with the Street Intervention Service, submit referrals in a bid to find short and long term solutions to this issue.


Issue Date Tuesday 14th March 2023

Greater Bedminster Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) is working with other partner agencies in a bid to reduce anti-social behaviour and traffic issues in and around East Street and North Street, Bedminster, Bristol.

Partner agencies include:
  • Bristol City Council
  • Parking Services

Examples of the types of anti-social behaviour reported to police are:
  • people being drunk in public spaces
  • loud and erratic shouting
  • illegal parking
  • using insulting behaviour and being abusive

PC 1892 Olszewski suggests "This anti-social behaviour has a negative effective, not only to local pedestrians and residents but it also attracts other anti-social and illegal activities, which compounds the issues police have to deal with".

Issue Date Tuesday 1st November 2022

Traffic Enforcement activity carried out by NPT – tickets issued and some driver education offered.
More dates planned in the future – responding to requests from local community – when we will be tackling other issues like mopeds on footpaths and parking obstructions.

Action Date Wednesday 9th November 2022

Neighbourhood Map

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