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Neighbourhood Priorities

We have recently had an increased number of drivers in and around Horfield driving under the influence of drugs, specifically Cannabis. We would like to remind the public that driving under the influence of drugs is illegal and greatly increases your chances of seriously harming yourself or others. This is a serious criminal offence and we are dealing with each individual very robustly.

Issue Date Saturday 9th October 2021

Continued proactive patrols are taking place in the area, targeting vehicles in relation to drug and drink drivers, over the past few months a number of vehicles have been stopped and roadside drink and drug testing has been conducted, this has resulted in a number of persons failing these tests.
Offenders have been dealt with robustly and are awaiting court appearances.
Please report this via 101 or online at Report | Avon and Somerset Police
Crimestoppers (

Action Date Thursday 8th June 2023

As a result of our Residents Drop-In session, reports of speeding were received, mainly on Eden Grove, Dorian Road, Keys Avenue and Highbury Grove and Filton Road.

We have seen a number of vehicles still breaching the 'NO RIGHT TURNS' rule on Filton Road, this is extremely dangerous and can cause accidents to both pedestrians and other vehicles.

Issue Date Saturday 26th September 2020

All roads heading outbound from the city centre between Doone Road and Eden Grove along Filton Road are "No Right Turn’s". There are signs along the road indicating these restrictions.
The local policing team continue to,  and have been conducting patrols in this location and talking to people in relation to any breaches, a few motorists have been issued Traffic Offence Reports for these offences.
We have also received reports of vehicles still diving in excess of the speed limit on certain roads in the area, if you wish to have more information on Community Speed Watch Groups, please follow the link below.
Community SpeedWatch | Avon and Somerset Police

Action Date Thursday 8th June 2023

Reduce violent crime, Anti social behaviour and public order offences associated with street conflicts and organised gang crime.

Issue Date Saturday 26th September 2020

Proactive patrols continue to be carried out in the area, targeting known persons and ASB hotspots.
A few properties have been given closure notices for their part in ASB in the area resulting in a reduction in reports.
Drugs and Drug dealing play a major part in ASB and violence, if you experience or see this then you can report  online
Report | Avon and Somerset Police 101 or in the event of an emergency 999
or  anonymously via Crimestoppers
Giving information anonymously | Crimestoppers (

Action Date Thursday 8th June 2023

There have been various reports of Dwelling and Non-Dwelling burglaries in Horfield over recent months; we are urging residents to check the security of sheds, garages and homes and report any suspicious behaviour.

Issue Date Monday 10th July 2017

There have been a slight increase in Dwelling and Non-Dwelling Burglaries since the last review. The local policing team have been conducting overt and covert patrols in these hotspot areas, 2 persons were recently arrested for such offences and are currently being dealt with.
Please ensure all valuables are stored securely, security marked, and details recorded.
Push Bikes can be security marked by the police using "Bikeregister" security marking kits, this is done free of charge, please contact your local team or check social media to see when the next event is being held.
Please visit out website for crime prevention advice and tips.

Action Date Thursday 8th June 2023

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