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Neighbourhood Priorities

Rural crime

Farm machinery, plant and vehicle theft, livestock worrying, theft, fly tipping and heritage crime are a focus of our rural team, PC 10392 Ben Chadwick and PCSO 30078 Saul Bunce. 

They are also focused on illegal poaching, supporting local farmers, estates and the forestry commission, and continued engagement with Teignmouth's local port to address security issues via operation Kraken. 


Issue Date Tuesday 4th June 2024

Prolific shoplifting

Shoplifting is a national problem, with thousands of suspects and millions of losses. 

We will focus on those who are prolific, and who offer abuse and violence when challenged. Behaviour that has a serious detrimental impact on retail staff. 

We will make arrests, if contacted at the time, and will ensure serial offenders are put in front of the courts.

We will also work closely with Teignbridge council to utilise our powers under the ASB, crime and police act 2014, allowing us to put restrictions on serial offenders. 

When a theft occurs 999 should always be called.  

Issue Date Monday 3rd June 2024

Drugs supply and county lines

The supply of illegal drugs has a hugely detrimental impact on local communities. It can directly lead to serious violence, drug related ASB, drug related health issues and exploitation of young and vulnerable people. 

We are focused on developing intelligence, acting on information, conducting warrants, making arrests and conducting searches and seizures. 

At Teignmouth police station we have both the South Devon pro-active unit, who solely deal with drug dealing, and the South Devon no excuses team who deal with drug driving. 

If you have any information on drug dealing please contact us at Home | Devon & Cornwall Police ( or crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

If you see it happening please 999 

Issue Date Monday 3rd June 2024

Anti-social behaviour

Persistent and severe anti-social behaviour can have a serious detrimental impact on a person’s quality of life.

We are committed to dealing with ASB to help make our community a safe and a welcoming place to live. 

During the summer months we will be focusing on youth ASB with the town centre and seafront

We welcome any information in relation to ASB via at or

or via crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. 

You can also report ASB direct to Teignbridge council at Report anti social behaviour - Teignbridge District Council

Issue Date Monday 3rd June 2024

Update: 03 June 2024 - Continued action

On every Friday and Saturday, during the summer we will endeavour to have officers patrolling the Den, The seafront, the point carpark and the back beach. 

We will also focus on the train station, and the town centre, including Bank Street and the triangle. 

Stope searches for drugs and alcohol will take place where the criteria is met.

We will also utilise our dispersal powers under section 35 of the ASB, crime and policing act 2014. If any fails to disperse they can be arrested.  

If there are any ASB reports after the fact, we will utilise town CCTV to deal retrospectively. 

Update: 03 June 2024 - Continued action

Update: 03 June 2024 - Continued action

Action Date Monday 3rd June 2024

County lines and exploitation

"County lines" refers to a crime where drugs gangs exploit children and vulnerable adults to make them courier drugs and money across the country from the gang’s base to customers in towns across Devon and Cornwall. The "county line" refers to the mobile phone line which is the link for the drugs gangs to sell drugs.

We work very closely with the schools and youth clubs in the area as well as multi-agencies so we are able to monitor children who are at risk of county lines and exploitation. We do high visibility patrols around schools and the surrounding areas. We also make sure we speak to young people so we are able to build a rapport with them so they feel comfortable to speak to the police if they need to.

Issue Date Monday 13th June 2022

Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)

White Ribbon UK is a charity that seeks an end to male violence towards women. The charity has representation around the world, and asks everyone to make this pledge:

"I promise to never commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women."

White Ribbon day is an initiative which has been taking place over a number of years with various themes and one key aim; to take action against violence towards women in all its forms including domestic abuse, rape, stalking, spiking or honour based abuse.
Violence can and does take many forms all of which are completely unacceptable.

We have visited many pubs around Teignmouth and Dawlish to educate them on domestic abuse, stalking and spiking. We have also given many premises drug testing kits so if someone suspects they have been spiked their drink can be tested. 

We also offer a range of support for domestic violence victims. I you need some information on domestic abuse please visit the link below:

Domestic abuse | Devon and Cornwall Police (

Find out more about White Ribbon UK by visiting there website:


Issue Date Monday 13th June 2022

Rough sleepers and how to help

We are aware that you now see more homeless people on the streets than you used to. We are working with the homeless who want to engage with our partnership agencies and us. There are then many options for them and help with finding housing and with other difficulties they may be facing. For those who choose not to engage or want to be on the streets for certain reasons please be assured if it gets too cold we do signpost them somewhere to stay and even help them get there if needed/wanted.

We are working dynamically with partner agencies to divert these people from criminality and secure long term viable accommodation and help with their problems be it alcohol, drugs or mental health

If you see a homeless person and are worried you can signpost them to the council or rough sleepers charity-street link:


Issue Date Monday 13th June 2022

Pubs against Drugs

We have been working closely with pubs within Teignmouth and Dawlish signing them up to a great scheme Devon and Cornwall Police are offering. This will help combat the supply or misuse of drugs in pubs where Police Officers will be accompanies by passive drugs dogs. The officers will be able to enter the premises at any time during licensing hours to check for illegal substances. If an illegal substance is suspected the officer then can detain the person for a search under the misuse of drugs act 1971. Positive action will then be taken against those found in possession.

Issue Date Monday 13th June 2022

Hate crime

The police take hate crime very seriously. In the upcoming months hate crime may increase. We encourage anyone who has been a victim of hate crime. They are committing an offence if the below is believed by the victim:

A hate crime is any hate incident which constitutes a criminal offence and the victim or any other person believes it to be motivated by prejudice or hate.

We record a hate incident if the victim or another person believes it is motivated by the hatred of someone because of a particular factor. Those factors include:

  • A person's disability
  • Their race, ethnicity or nationality
  • Their religion or belief
  • Their sexual orientation
  • Their transgender identity
  • Their sex or gender

Hate crime can be against the person, or the person's property.

Issue Date Monday 13th December 2021

Wildlife Operation (OP HALF MOON)

We are excited for our new wildlife operation which is named "op half moon" Within this operation we will be supporting and working with the local rural community, landowners and farmers. We are taking a proactive approach to support wildlife thinking positively and practically. We have also been on wildlife courses so we can fully understand the impact and success op half moon will have.

Issue Date Sunday 5th December 2021

Fly-tipping in rural areas

Unfortunately  we are seeing an increase in fly-tipping. We have a multi-agency approach in place where we are working with the council to combat and decrease this issue as much as possible. If you see anything that has been fly-tipped please contact the council though the following link: Report flytipping - Teignbridge District Council

Issue Date Sunday 5th December 2021

Hand Gathering Shellfish

We have had many reports of people collecting shellfish up and down Shaldon estuary. We are working with partnership agencies ensuring this is being done legally abiding by the food safety and hygiene regulations. Which state: shellfish may be collected for personal consumption. You should not take more than one small bag of shellfish per day if these rules are not complied by the person may have their vehicle searches, shellfish seized and could lead to prosecution.

Issue Date Sunday 5th December 2021

Neighbourhood Events

Combeinteignhead Pact Meeting
Friday 19th July 2024
at 10:30AM
The Woodshed Cafe, Holywell Cottages, Combeinteignhead, TQ12 4RT

PCSO 30078 Saul Bunce will be attending

Bishopsteignton Pact Meeting
Monday 22nd July 2024
at 10:30AM
Cockhaven Arms, Cockhaven Road, Bishopsteignton, TQ14 9RF

PCSO 30078 Saul Bunce will be attending

Stokeinteignhead Pact Meeting
Tuesday 23rd July 2024
at 10:00AM
Stokeinteignhead Village Hall, Stoke Road, Stokeinteignhead, TQ12 4QE

PCSO 30078 Saul Bunce will be attending

Shillingford Pact Meeting
Wednesday 24th July 2024
at 10:00AM
Shillingford Village Hall, Manstree Road, Shillingford St George, EX2 9QW

PCSO 30078 Saul Bunce will be attending

Starcross Pact Meeting
Thursday 25th July 2024
at 10:00AM
Starcross Pavilion, Generals Lane, Starcross, EX6 8PY

PCSO 30078 Saul Bunce will be attending

Ideford Pact Meeting
Friday 26th July 2024
at 10:00AM
Ideford Village Hall, Butts Lane, Ideford, TQ13 0BA

PCSO 30078 Saul Bunce will be attending

Kenton Parish Council
Thursday 1st August 2024
at 7:00PM
Kenton Village Hall, Kenton Hill, Exeter, EX6 8JA

PCSO 30087 Saul Bunce will be in attendance

Combeinteignhead Parish Council
Wednesday 7th August 2024
at 7:00PM
Combeinteignhead Village Hall, Shaldon Road, Combeinteignhead, TQ12 4RG

Bishopsteignton Parish council
Monday 12th August 2024
at 7:30PM
Bishopsteignton Village Hall, Fore Street, Teignmouth, TQ14 9QR

Teignmouth Town council
Tuesday 13th August 2024
at 6:00PM
Bitton House, Bitton Park Road, Teignmouth, TQ14 9DF

Police representative at each Town council meeting, Every second Tuesday of the month at 6pm

Kenn Parish Council
Tuesday 13th August 2024
at 7:30PM
The Kenn Centre, Exeter Road, Exeter, EX6 7UE

Attended by PCSO 30078 Saul Bunce

Kenn Pact Meeting
Thursday 15th August 2024
at 10:00AM
Kenn Parish Church, Mill Cottages, Kenn, EX6 7UR

PCSO 30078 Saul Bunce will be in attendance

Kenton Pact Meeting
Thursday 15th August 2024
at 10:30AM
Parish Church of All Saints, Church Street, Kenton, EX6 8LU

PCSO 30078 Saul Bunce will be in attendance

Combeinteignhead Pact Meeting
Friday 16th August 2024
at 10:30AM
The Woodshed Cafe, Holywell Cottages, Combeinteignhead, TQ12 4RT

PCSO 30078 Saul Bunce will be attending

Neighbourhood Map

Markers show crime recording locations. Click/tap on a marker to see crimes allocated to that location.