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Littleover and Blagreaves

A local policing neighbourhood in Derbyshire Constabulary

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This Safer Neighbourhood area covers Littleover. It belongs to the Derby West policing section. Geographically, Littleover Neighbourhood is made up of three areas: Blagreaves area; Littleover village; and the Heatherton estate (located off Rykneld Road), with the Blagreaves ward being largest of the three in both area and number of households.

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Neighbourhood Priorities

1. Road Safety
2. Burglary Prevention
3. Electric Scooters

Issue Date Wednesday 12th June 2024

1: Reports of vehicles driving at excessive speeds on various roads. Community speedwatch regularly meet and conduct proactive sessions to monitor speed. PCSO's and PC's from the Neighbourhood team regularly conduct mobile monitoring and enforcement in regularly reported locations with handheld devices. Nursery and primary school visits to engage with young children regarding road safety.
2: Engagement has been conducted and planned in affected streets, offering crime prevention advice and tools, with more expected. a variety of Proactive tactics are being planned to identify the offenders. Offender(s) also reported across the whole City in the early hours of the morning, approaching gates or vehicles to check if they are not secured. Officers have had academic training in crime prevention, especially burglary and can offer visits to addresses to advise on target hardening.
3: Reports of E-Scooters being used in the locality. Education within schools and shops that may sell them to be explored. Enforcement on users if stopped; E-Scooters are deemed a road vehicle and need a driving licence and insurance to operate; which most will not have.

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