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This Safer Neighbourhood area covers Killamarsh. It belongs to the North East Local Policing Unit. 
Killamarsh is a small town, populated by almost 10,000 people, situated in the east of Chesterfield division, close to the South Yorkshire border, within 6 miles from Sheffield centre. The town grew mainly as a result of the mining industry, although the last mine (Highmoor) closed shortly after the end of the 1984/5 miners strike. The town has a parish council based in the centre of the town.

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Neighbourhood Priorities

1. Antisocial behaviour around Killamarsh Active, skatepark and Killamarsh Community Hub.
2. Off-road Motorbikes

Issue Date Thursday 13th June 2024

1. We will continue high visibility patrols in the area, engage with the young people who are congregating there and communicate with residents. We will look at organising further positive engagement with local young people. We will work with the relevant members at our partnership agencies at North East District Derbyshire County Council and Killamarsh Parish who own the buildings and land. We will seek advice from Yet team where appropriate.
2. Educating the public about the importance of quality information as Officers would like the following pieces of information to help tackle this issue: Times, days and locations The make, colour or size of a bike Details of clothing, helmets and other distinguishing marks And where motorcycles are kept.

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