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A local policing neighbourhood in Derbyshire Constabulary

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This Safer Neighbourhood area covers Hathersage, Calver and Curbar. It belongs to the Derbyshire Dales Local Policing Unit. The area lies to the south west of Sheffield and 10 miles north of Bakewell. A large proportion of the area, which lies within the Peak District National Park, is made up of moor land at a height of over 1000 ft above sea level. Tourism is vital to the local economy with visitors being attracted to the neighbourhoods many outdoor pursuit shops, rock climbing sites and walkways.

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Neighbourhood Priorities

1. Speeding
2. Double White Line Parking
3. Offences Fear of Burglary

Issue Date Wednesday 17th April 2024

Speeding and Parking Speed Enforcement and Education by Trained Safer Neighbourhood Officers. Enforcement by Casualty Reduction Enforcement Support Police Team Enforcement and Education by Police Roads Policing Teams. Enforcement and Education on Double White Line Parking Offences Burglaries High Visibility patrols and engagements across the areas. A mixture of high visibility and plain clothes patrols in hot key locations. Work with the community and partner agencies to promote crime prevention initiatives. Regularly review and publicise crime trend information and intelligence to identify hot spot locations and potential suspects with specialist police teams

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Neighbourhood Map

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