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Neighbourhood Priorities

Reports from local residents of drug activity and drug dealing in the town

Issue Date Thursday 1st February 2024

Actively targeting our known offenders, vehicles and addresses within Appleby town. This is done by conducting high vis foot patrol, plain clothes, gathering information and submitting intelligence. With our recent work we have executed two warrants in Appleby in recent months which led to several arrests for possession with intent to supply. We have followed these up with visits to residents in the area and completing Streetsafe questionnaires. We always want to build on the intelligence and advise anyone with any information to speak with their local PCSO or their Community Beat Officer.

Action Date Wednesday 14th February 2024

To combat rural crime and deter criminals from our area

Issue Date Thursday 1st February 2024

We work closely alongside our Rural Crime Team. We had an introduction of the 4C’s within Cumbria Police and within the last few weeks / months we have worked inline with this mission. We will relentlessly pursue those involved within rural crime. In response to incidents, we increased our patrols with targeted activity operations. Numerous vehicles have been stopped during these patrols. Searches have been carried out on people and vehicles. Drone deployed to key locations. Behind the scenes, our team continue to work on investigations to identify suspects. We've also sent disruption notices and paid visits to keepers of vehicles reported in suspicious circumstances. We always like to be supported by our colleagues from our operational support unit and some of our rural crime volunteers who act as our eyes and ears. We also link in with our rural WhatsApp groups and continue to share intelligence with our bordering forces.
Part of our work involves speaking with different groups of people, raising awareness about rural crime. We've spoken to 3 groups of Cumbria Police cadets so far this year. This week was, where we discussed livestock, equine, environmental and wildlife offences, as well as machinery theft and showed some crime prevention measures.

Action Date Wednesday 14th February 2024

Vehicle ASB, Broad Close car park

Issue Date Thursday 4th May 2023

Patrols in area, engagement and education with drivers.
Working closely with partners to improve the issue in this area and have increased patrols in this location.

Action Date Friday 23rd June 2023

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