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Montpelier and St Werburghs

A local policing neighbourhood in Avon and Somerset Constabulary

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Neighbourhood Policing Team for Montpelier and St Werburghs.

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Neighbourhood Priorities

Drug Dealing and Anti-Social Behaviour occurring on Picton Lane.

Issue Date Wednesday 26th April 2023

Drug Dealing occurring on Belmont Road.

Issue Date Wednesday 26th April 2023

We are aware of an increase of vehicle windows being smashed and items being stolen from cars parked outside resident’s houses overnight. The local neighbourhood policing team is asking residents to secure their vehicles and not to keep anything of value on display.

We are concerned that we don’t know the full picture and that there may be more instances of vehicle crime happening than are reported, so if you know about an incident of vehicle crime, then please report it.

Issue Date Wednesday 26th April 2023

Neighbourhood Map

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