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Neighbourhood Priorities

The Weston Bournville Policing team continue to offer bike marking for people who need it. We believe it is a great opportunity as it deters thieves from stealing your bike and helps the police identify owners of bikes after we find them.

Keep an eye on our social media for our next event or ask one of our local PCSO's in person when you see them on patrol.

Issue Date Saturday 15th January 2022

Thinking about buying an e-Scooter?

Please think again.

Privately owned e-Scooters cannot be used in public places like parks and open spaces or on pavements, roads or in shopping areas. They can only be used on private land with the landowners permission.

Your e-scooter questions answered.

Don’t make an expensive mistake. These e-Scooters are treated as motorised vehicles.

Riding an e-Scooter in a public place is illegal. We can seize your e-Scooter and prosecute you for not having insurance, not having a licence (if you don’t have a provisional or full driving licence the points will be added when you apply). Other offences could be taken into account.

If your e-Scooter is seized it will be destroyed.

Issue Date Saturday 15th January 2022

The local policing team have been working with Bournville, Windwhistle and Oldmixon primary schools to build positive relations and inspire our young people to contribute to the wider community by establishing mini-police!

This scheme is an interactive volunteering opportunity for primary school children. It aims to introduce children to a positive experience of policing and to get them involved in the local community.

This help sus build relationships with young children so that they see us as friends who safeguard the community rather than people to be suspicious of.

We hope that being part of the policing family from a young age will lay the foundations for future career aspirations and help these kids to make the right choices in life.

Issue Date Thursday 30th September 2021

The Mini Police at the Bournville, Windwhistle & Oldmixon primaries continue to meet and have been learning recently about Police radios and how we use them.

Action Date Sunday 16th January 2022

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