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Avonmouth and Shirehampton

A local policing neighbourhood in Avon and Somerset Constabulary

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Neighbourhood Policing Team for Avonmouth and Shirehampton.

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Neighbourhood Priorities

We have had various reports of speeding throughout Shirehampton. We encourage all members of public who would like to get involved, to enquire on our force website about joining community speedwatch. This is a great scheme to help keep the community safe and get involved with the local authorities on clamping down.

Issue Date Friday 21st October 2022

Our recent SCAF meeting has resulted in some residents coming forward and volunteering for the speed watch team. If this is something you wish to get involved in then please go onto our website via the below link; This will explain the process in more detail and follows a short video.
Community SpeedWatch | Avon and Somerset Police

Action Date Thursday 23rd March 2023

We have been in touch with various companies regarding ongoing parking issues in mainly cabot park Avonmouth. The beat team have been showing a strong presence and ticketing when appropriate regarding this matter.

We have also been tackling issues in Gloucester road, Meadow street & Clayton street regarding parking. 

Please call 101 to make us aware of any more parking issues.

Issue Date Wednesday 25th May 2022

We have not had any further calls or complaints regarding this issue. Please let us know if this is still an ongoing issue within the community.
101 – non emergency
999 – emergency

Action Date Thursday 22nd June 2023

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